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The future is the past.

The past is the future.

Back in the yesteryear good old days of the late '90s and early naughties, when Green Day sang soundtracks to our lives and green Michellin tires were coveted above all, there was a sport called...


Cross Country.

The bars were flat, the suspension was minimal, the courses were long, rooty, rocky. It had heroes named Tinker and Tomac and it traveled freely across North America, a grand knobby circus stuffed into the back of worn-out Subarus.


Imagine groading, but even better. 

As acid wash returns to the youths on the Hill and Britney Spears finds her way into the news cycle once again, the imminence and in fact necessity of a return to these glory days has become clear. 

Cross country must rise again. 

Want more? We'll be running a few chill XCs this summer sometime. Check back.