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Secret Groad 8

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Meet 8:00ish

Start at exactly approximately 8:33am. 

Start: Vecchio's. Coffee

Finish: Full Cycle on Pearl. Beer. Half-price beer!


Here are your groadpoints:

- Gold Hill Store

- Pump track at Valmont Bike Park

- Boulder Valley Ranch trailhead

- Top of Joder trail

- Base of the switchbacks at Lefthand OHV. 


Hint: Satellite view is your friend.  



- First team back wins a coveted Groad magnet and authentic Trek-Segafredo schwag from Toms.

- Last team back wins two coveted Groad magnets and a tire because you probably destroyed one.

- The team that brings back Cumbersome the Horse wins a sick prize from Niner. 

- Special prizes for Most Steeze and Worst (best) Route. 



How does this work

It's pretty simple. We give you groadpoints. You and your team need to get to all those groadpoints, in any order, and then back to the start. You may use any legal shortcuts you find. 


What bike should I ride?

Some people show up on 23mm road tires and some people roll in on mountain bikes. You do you, boo. Remember, you make your own route.


How do we know we found the right waypoint spot?

You will know. There will be a thing. 


How will everyone else know we got to the right spot?

One team member will take a short video of another team member doing 10 pushups at each waypoint. Upload this video to Instagram at the finish. Hashtag it #SecretGroad so we can find it.


There is no 'I' in Team. But if you must ride alone, you still have to get video of yourself doing pushups. 


What about results? 

When you get back to the start/finish, you will write your team name on the results sheet. The order in which names are written is the finish order. Voilá.


What's this about Cumbersome the Horse?

Cumbersome is out there. He's waiting for you. If you find him, bring him back, win a prize. If you see another team with Cumbersome, challenge them to a skid competition. Farthest skid keeps Cumbersome. Keeping Cumbersome is key. 


Will there be coffee at the beginning? 



Will The Tune Up (aka the bar at Full Cycle) have happy hour beer and food at the finish? 



See you there. 


Get early waypoint hints, equipment tips, and other juicy info.

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