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March 18, 2017
Vecchio's Bicicletteria, Boulder, CO
MSR on TV; coffee. 9:00 am.
Bike ride after that.

Waypoints! These are in no particular order. How will you connect them? 


Waypoint: Springbrook Loop, at the nature sign. Coordinates: 39.92612, -105.26802​​

Waypoint: High point of Logan Mill. Coordinates: 40.03267, -105.38023

Waypoint: Marshall Mesa, Community Ditch near the pond. Coordinates: 39.95302, -105.2152

Waypoint: The highest overlook/switchback on Chapman. Coordinates: 39.99918, -105.31534












How do we know we found the right waypoint spot?

You will know. There will be a thing. 


How will everyone else know we got to the right spot?

One team member will take a short video of another team member doing 10 pushups at each waypoint. Upload this video to Instagram at the finish. Hashtag it #Groad so we can find it.


There is no 'I' in Team. But if you must ride alone, you still have to get video of yourself doing pushups. 


What about results? 

Wrong question. But, if you must know: When you get back to Vecchio's, you will write your team name on the results sheet. The order in which names are written is the finish order. Voilá.


Will there be beer and maybe pizza at the end? 

Yes and probably. 


Will there be coffee at the beginning? 



Can I watch the finish of Milan-San Remo at on a big TV at Vecchios starting around 9am?



See you there. 

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