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SECRET* GROAD - Strade Bianche

March 3, 2018
Vecchio's Bicicletteria, Boulder, CO
Strade Bianche on TV; coffee.
Meet 8:30-9:00 am.
Bike ride after that.

Here are your groadpoints, in no particular order:


- Erie Singletrack. No specific part of it, just find a cool spot for your pushups. And do some jumps. Jumps are fun. 

- Wonderland Lake Trail. Top of the steep climb, specifically. Be nice to hikers out there.

- The broken bridge at Teller Farms. 

- Moxie Bread Company. Buy something delicious. 

- Start/Finish at Vecchio's, Pearl Street, Boulder. 

What are groadpoints? They are the checkpoints you must reach to complete a Secret Groad Series, and thus claim your prize at the finish. There are four of them this time. 


You can get to them any way you want. Any route, any surface. 


Prizes will be awarded by the Steezegorithm, our proprietary steeze measurement device. It's like the sorting hat from Harry Potter except everyone ends up in Hufflepuff because Hufflepuff is the best. Don't @ me. 


What's steezy? The Steezegorithm likes a lot of different things. Cool pushups. Fast teams. Slow teams, too. Cool routing. Dumb routing. Air time. Skids. Matching kits. Horrific kits. Snowball fights. Of course, video or photo evidence of steezy things will always help your cause. 


There will also be a prize for the first team back and the fourth team back.  


Be safe. Have fun. Don't be a dickweasel. 


What bike should I ride?

Last year we had people on 23mm road tires and people on mountain bikes. You do you, boo. Remember, you make your own route. This first SG of 2018 will be relatively road-tire friendly, as long as it doesn't snow. 


How do we know we found the right waypoint spot?

You will know. There will be a thing. Or there might not be. Wing it. 


How will everyone else know we got to the right spot?

One team member will take a short video of another team member doing 10 pushups at each waypoint. Upload this video to Instagram at the finish. Hashtag it #Groad so we can find it.


There is no 'I' in Team. But if you must ride alone, you still have to get video of yourself doing pushups. 


What about results? 

When you get back to Vecchio's, you will write your team name on the results sheet. The order in which names are written is the finish order. Voilá.


Will there be beer and maybe pizza at the end? 

Yes and maybe


Will there be coffee at the beginning? 



Can I watch the finish of Strade Bianche at on a big TV at Vecchios starting around 8:30am?



See you there. 


Get early waypoint hints, equipment tips, and other juicy info.

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